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Chimp Media joins the the fight against crime by offering our services at a reduced rate to public safety agencies and sometimes, even for free. (Shhh... We aren't suppose to say that, so don't tell anyone.)

Through our parent company, and in conjucntion with, we partner with local law enforcement agencies to assist them in their efforts to engage the community through an enhanced internet presence and via social media technologies.

Next Glance ImageBecause social media is becoming a game-changing resource in the fight against crime, we are teaming up with Law Enforcement.

Why? First because it is the right thing to do. Secondly, because we think it's cool.

We have group members that have been involved in anti-crime technology development since 1994.

Our knowledgeable staff understands the demands of public safety. If your agency is in need of social media consulting and development, just give us a shout. We'll help!

Law Enforcement Web sites and Social Media


Chimp Media Web Designs provides full service Internet solutions. As a one-stop shop, you get it all.

You name it! We do it all... because we can!


As web designers and developers, each and every client we work with has a unique set of objectives and requirements. We have but one goal in mind for all of our projects. We want them to make an impression and we want the web sites that we create to be memorable.

Our consultants, designers, marketing and technical staff collaborate to provide you, our customer, with the Next Glance Imageuniquely designed internet presence, that is highly optimized, and easily found.

Every customer is assigned a project manager (Chief Chimp) to control the entire process from finish to end. The Chief Chimp coordinates the creative and technical process all the way through delivery of the final product.

At the end of every project we review the process, eat some bananas, throw a few fits and then tell ourselves, "Hey... That was so fun. Let's do it again!"

Our group members are proud of what they accomplish and have been awarded the Forbes Magazine "Best of the Web" on three (yes, three!) separate occasions.

At Chimp Media, we mean business... Yes, "Monkey Business".


Forbes Best Of The WebForbes Best Of The WebForbes Best Of The Web

Crime CenterFraud Defense NetworkFraud Defense Network

Mail Drop Search

Here's a little program that we created for investigators to search to see if an address is a mail drop service. In other words... to see if someone may be trying to hide their physical address. This is a really useful tool for fraud investigators.

Search the Mail Drop Database

Crime Center Public Group

Here is a really useful group for information and discussions related to crime technology and how law enforcement agencies are applying that technology to assist in their public safety efforts. Check it out before you join.

Crime Center On LinkedIn